At Camel thorn chalet you will find your own private African sanctuary with an endless view over the savannah. The chalet features a private sun deck and a semi enclosed outdoor bath. Enjoy magnificent African sunsets. Escape from the city and bury your feet in the Kalahari sand. Once visited, always to return.

Camelthorn chalet is a unique accommodation built on a Kalahari dune with stunning, uninterrupted views of the Kalahari landscape and koranna mountains 100 km to the south.The natural surroundings are the perfect inspiration for a balance of physical activity and mental relaxation.

True to our wish to maintain the natural environment the chalet was built with a minute environmental footprint. The thatching for the roof was locally sourced. The interior and exterior walls are built with sandbags filled on site with a mixture of sand and cement. These help to retain heat during the cold winter months and to cool the building during the hot summer. Hot water is provided with a boiler which is run on wood collected on the farm. Springbuck and Oryx graze lazily in the vicinity of the lodge and dyker and steenbok are frequent visitors. Hornbills and many other bird species provide music and entertainment. Meerkats are frequent visitors.


  • Bedding and towels
  • Fully equipped kitchen, dishwashing liquid and a dish towel
  • Gas stove and freezer
  • Solar lights
  • Bathroom with shower (and a spectacular view while showering!)
  • Step-out bath under the overhang of a witgat tree with stunning view of the Kalahari landscape and animals
  • Limited cell phone reception (MTN)
  • A load of firewood (enough to build a bonfire with)
  • Maximum 8 guests in total
  • Secure parking
  • 4 x 4 Self-drive. Please deflate tyres to 1.2 bars.
  • Bird watching
  • No electricity
Camel Thorn Chalet Facilities

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